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Factory Information:
Highlight: Make Plastic Packaging products by thermoforming, injection molding, And can handling flocking
Show Product:
electronic component tray egg tray luggage series
medicine tray vacuum molding series medicine tray
luggage series electron tray saw plate
hardware series hardware series nail box
stationary and cosmetic series stationary and cosmetic series stationary and cosmetic series
dust guard series   nail box
cold drink series   exercise bike cover
electronic tray inner support of phone box pallet series
seedling series food series madince box support
fast food tray stationary and cosmetic series medicine tray
Tableware series Tableware series Tableware series
mobile telephone inner supporter series tool support series Tableware series
injection,butterfly injection, handle brand series injection, food series
medical apparatus and instruments injection, xylitol series medical apparatus and instruments
injection, medical apparatus and instruments cover dishware plastic support injection, small spoon series


Production Line :
automatic large injection machine medium injectine machine
injection machine injection machine
flocking machine blanking machine


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